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The upcoming MLB season in 2024

Posted Jan, 25 2024

Is set to kick off with a special two-game series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres in Seoul, South Korea on March 20-21. The regular season will then officially commence on March 28 and run until September 29. The highly anticipated 94th All-Star Game is scheduled to take place on July 16 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Following the regular season, the postseason is slated to start on October 1, with the potential for a decisive Game 7 of the World Series on November 2. As the new season begins, the Texas Rangers hold the title of defending World Series champions.

In other news, the MLB owners have granted approval for the Oakland Athletics to relocate to Las Vegas. However, the specific timeline for the move is still being discussed and has yet to be determined.

Seoul Series 2024


Posted Oct, 6 2023

The Minnesota Twins have chosen Bailey Ober as their starting pitcher for Game 1 of the AL Division Series against the Houston Astros, where he will face off against Justin Verlander.

Ober posted a record of 8 wins and 6 losses with an earned run average (ERA) of 3.43 over the course of 26 starts during this season. He spent approximately a month in Triple-A before making his return to the Twins on September 15th.

Following his comeback, he displayed solid performance, securing 2 wins and maintaining a 2.08 ERA in four starts. This upcoming game will mark the first time in his career that the substantial right-handed pitcher will start in a postseason match, as he wasn't part of the wild-card roster.

Verlander is set to make his 35th career postseason start, having rejoined the AL West champion Astros in a trade with the New York Mets earlier this summer.

He accumulated a record of 13 wins and 8 losses with an ERA of 3.22 throughout 27 starts in the current season. Following the trade, the three-time Cy Young Award recipient performed admirably for Houston, registering a 7-3 record with a 3.31 ERA in 11 starts.

For Game 2, the Astros are planning to begin with left-hander Framber Valdez on Sunday night in Houston. The Twins have not yet disclosed their Game 2 starting pitcher.


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